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When MME was founded in 2007, mass communication was predominantly only Voice or Email and it was complex to use. MME thought it could be more and started developing its own easy mass communication system for Voice, Text, and Email to be a powerful and easy tool to use. MME continuously strives to evolve its service offerings. MME now delivers custom solutions for clients wanting to send messages using Text, Email, Voice and Ringless Messaging.

Mass Messaging Target Delivery Nice and Easy

MME offers its clients three unique systems

The Original Message Made Easy

Used by schools, corporations and sports leagues


Commonly used by doctor’s offices, auto mechanics, and companies to send reminders for appointments


For companies to capture keyword responders and enable them to build organic lists for notification of sales

Messaging Solutions Created for Your Business

Text Messaging

  • Short Code Texting
  • SMS Messaging
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Email Messaging

  • Bulk Email
  • Instant Email
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Phone Messaging

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Automated Voice Messaging (AVM)
  • Ringless Messaging
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Custom Solutions

  • Build custom solutions for clients, including Bulk & Group Messaging
  • Minimal setup charges for 3-year contract
  • Easy Remind Messaging
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Text Messaging

MME believes Text Messaging is the quickest and most effective way to quickly communicate with your targeted audience. Most text messages are Seen and Read within 90 seconds. They are less intrusive than voice messages. The challenge is that currently text messages are limited to 160 characters. Yet we have found most messages can be delivered within that range. If more is needed, an online link can be included in the text for the additional information.

Phone Messaging

MME believes voice messages are a powerful tool particularly for urgent situations such as school closings, emergencies, and critical updates. It is an effective tool to raise awareness amongst your audience and make them more aware of your cause and needs. MME can deliver you voice message through Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automated Voice Messaging (AVM), and Ringless Messaging (RVM). MME can also work with you to scrub your contact lists to help achieve better results for your campaigns.

Email Messaging

MME believes mass email messaging is a fast, cost effective communication tool. Whether it is campaign messaging, call to action, event dates/times, customer communication, or easily sending the company newsletter, mass email mail communication is a reliable, quick and easy. The MME system can handle all facets of your mass email communication from easy list uploading and editing, templates, messages, opt-outs and reporting.

Custom Solutions

MME recognizes that not all mass communication can be handled in standardized existing systems. Clients can need custom solutions that are refined to meet their specific situations. MME prides itself on being responsive to our clients’ and developing innovative programs that will satisfy their mass communication goals. From building custom solutions for clients’ bulk and group messaging to Easy Reminder Messaging, MME will develop an effective, targeted solution. MME leverages its years of expertise in mass communication to develop messaging programs to address our clients’ goals.

Clients We Serve

MME recognizes that mass communication systems service many markets and that each market has its own unique purpose, goals and challenges.


What Our Customers Say

Claire Gatti

Principal @ St. Michael School
"I have been a principal in Catholic schools for over 20 years and have used various parent communication systems. Message Made Easy is by far the best system I have used. It is easy, quick, and reliable. It is cost effective for us as a Catholic school and teachers also find it easy to use. We use the various components of the system, phone calls, email, or texts utilizing it since 2014. We have sent out over 22,000 voice messages and over 300,000 emails and have little or no problems. In particular, I like the fact that I can re-record several times if I don't like the message I recorded. Parents love the messages I send. I highly recommend Message Made Easy."

Catherine Aukerman

Superintendent @ Highland Local School District
"I wanted to personally reach out to you and thank you for the very generous donation of robocalls for Highland’s bond issue campaign.The success of this issue would not have been possible without our volunteers and businesses that stepped up to help us out.It really did make a difference and we are so thankful."

Jamie Wilson

InfoCision has been using Message Made Easy (MME) for over 5 years now as a tool to better manage our company’s contact information and communication strategy. Prior to MME, we could not effectively notify houlyemployees in a timely manner about general information or emergencies. A person at each location was necessary to attempt to call each employee about location closings and delays, schedule changes, and work opportunities. Since MME, we can now easily manage contacts for thousands of employees across 3 states and 28 different physical locations. InfoCision has an account for each call center location allowing administration to manage their own contacts and groups."

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